Friday, October 3, 2008

We're being very industrious....

but I'm not painting. I've had enough! These ARE my holidays, dammit, and apart from that first weekend down in Brisbane,

and doing this on Sunday.....
all of my days have been spent simply slaving away. (My, aren't I dramatic!) So I decided I needed a break, I needed to be creative, I needed to look at something else other than walls or ceilings all the time. (Ceilings are a pain in the neck...hee hee.)

So instead I did some of this...

with some of this pretty material.

And it is for the new bedroom after all, so it does count. This is just a sneak preview, I'll show you the finished result soon (I hope).

And my helpful hubby was busy doing this for me (as his payoff for not painting).

I give him the plan, with rough measurements,

he obliges,

with some interference from me. ("No, cut that thing off there. No, I want it like this.") This is the plan for the shelves to go over the girls' beds for their favourite books and ornaments.

He made this as well, which is going to be a bench/storage box for the girls' to put their shoes in.

Yes, I'm lucky to have a husband whose handy with the tools (and patient with me). And I'll get back to painting that bedroom soon, I promise.


  1. You're so lucky to have a such a handy husband!! I can't wait to see all the results!

  2. Hi Esther! I'm so happy you put yourself on my little thingy at Like Mother Like Daughter!

    I'm very excited to have someone read our blog from "down under"!

    And I look forward to seeing your quilt! Did you get a chance to look at our quilts? We have been doing so much painting in a rush before the cold weather that I haven't done anything in that department, alas. But soon it will be over, I hope!

  3. You are lucky to have a handy hubby! Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  4. Oh, I love the little scalloped detailing on the bookshelves!!! Those are going to look so good! Talented hubby - great place to put away shoes - he does good work!

    I cannot wait to see what it is that you are making for your bedroom because those are the dreamiest cottage colors you've put together!! I'm in love with it and I don't even know what it is yet!

    And a super huge thank you for ordering a cookbook from Friends of George! You are so sweet, Esther! Have a wonderful day!...Donna

  5. Oh my - I can't wait to see all the finished results. That quilt will be beautiful, I can tell already. :)


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