Thursday, October 9, 2008

Little cupcake or big?

Rosie wanted to make some cupcakes yesterday...big ones and cute mini ones. Sure, hon!
I've tried to raise my girls' to be independent and it makes me proud to watch her measure the ingredients and to be able to bake by herself. Although it's still nice to do it together.

Sometimes as I look at her, especially with her hair all back and elegant, and with her growing so tall, it strikes me how my little girl is growing up. It makes me proud and sad at the same time. She's on the threshold...she still likes to play with her toys but at other times is so mature....with her language, her attitude to school and life and even how she dresses herself.

Big or little? It doesn't matter, as long as she's sweet!


  1. not fair! I SOOO want a cupcake! hehe

  2. Love how you did your blog on Rosie. She is a beautiful young girl, you should be proud.

    Tonight, I went to talk on Raising Boys by Steve Biddulph. It was such a positive evening, lots of funny stories and just practical tips on how to raise boys. I've never read his books, but he was so good to listen to. Made me understand Patrick a lot more, and what I can do for him to help him grow up into a lovely young man.

    Patrick helped me make little and big choc chip muffins today. He loves to help out in the kitchen. Steve said that a 9 yr old boy should be capable of cooking a meal for the family once a week, they have more a sense of safety in the kitchen by that age.

  3. This is such a sweet post from mommy to daughter.

  4. I love your cupcakes... and your glass dome, is just as delightful.
    Debbie Moss

    (From England)

  5. Visiting you today from I know not were!! but it's fun landing on your doorstep to take a look around your blog and I have enjoyed each post I read and the many photos too. You remind me of me many! many! years ago when the middle of Melbourne openned up and let this family walk away to a life worth living!! (smiles) now empty nesters but the values they have taken with them will be theirs forever.

    Enjoy your country life and your delish!! home made cupcakes.

    best wishes, Lee-ann

    This post is so S.W.E.E.T!
    I know exactly how you feel... my 10 year old, she is growing up so quickly.
    She is still sweet, just not as innocent anymore!
    Your "Princess" she is very pretty!
    Debbie Moss

    (From England)

  7. Lovely blog and those cup cakes look very tempting - my 11yr old grandaughter Lia, does alot of baking, she makes some interesting items ??!! Nice to read an Aussie blog, pop into my 2 if you like.

  8. Hello! Popping in from SITS roll call to say WELCOME to a new SITSta! :) I love meeting new (to me) bloggers.

    My daughter loves to bake and cook (especially bake) with me. She not quite five and a half, so she doesn't bake solo yet, but I bet within a few more years (once she has mastered the skill of reading) she will be!

    Anyhow, cheers!


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