Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pantry Door Tutorial

Yesterday I briefly showed you photos of my pantry door that I did over.

Now the patchwork design is not my idea. Someone, somewhere on the web had posted photos of how they did the patchwork thingy using wallpaper scraps.

It was love at first sight.
(If you, genius person, happen to stumble over my humble blog and go, "That's my picture!" drop me a line so I can give you credit.)

Edit: I found who the creator was. It was done by Simone of Beach Vintage. There happened to be a photo of her standing in front of it in her latest post. Eureka! You'll see her in my favourite blogs roll down the side if you wanted to check out her site and see what more prettiness she has in store.

Now they were a lot more adventurous with their colours. I am meanwhile trying to streamline my look and colour scheme in the (mistaken?) belief that it will make my house look less messy and jumblesome. While my walls are green at the moment, sometime in the future they will be turned pale blue so I chose a colour scheme that incorporates the two, rather successfully I think. I also tried to choose patterns that looked vintage and/or wallpaper-ish.

I also was not so adventurous in using wallpaper, as I've never hung wallpaper or even walked into a wallpaper shop in my life.
As the scrapbooking paper had worked quite well here 

I thought I would go with it again.
The only difference was this time I used card instead of paper as it is less likely to get air bubbles.

Step 1.
 Measure the place to be papered then decide how you want to divide it up.

I went with three across and three down for the top panel and four down for the bottom panel.

(The bottom rectangles are slightly longer than the top panel as it didn't divide neatly to the same measurements but you can't even notice.)

Step 2.
Lay your paper out roughly in a design that is balanced and pleasing to your eye.

Step 3.
Cut out your first rectangle to the dimensions you've chosen.

If you're not a straight cutter, I would recommend using a stanley knife and ruler as any gaps between patches will be noticable.

Step 4.
Using your rectangle as a template, trace around the other pieces of card and cut them out.

Step 5.
Glue the card down.

I used PVA glue thinned with water so it brushed on easier. I also spread the glue onto the panel rather than onto the paper as it gave a more pleasing result.

If your card isn't too damp, you can use a ruler to spread it down evenly, otherwise rub your hand firmly over the card to try to eliminate any air bubbles.

Step 6.
Leave it to air dry (which doesn't take long, I waited an hour) then paint with two coats of varnish, leaving drying time between, of course.

I use Cabot's Cabothane water-based varnish in Satin.
I like it because it cleans up in water, doesn't smell and doesn't yellow.

Step back and admire.

I did mine on panels which I then had to nail onto the pantry door frame. The beauty of this was that the frame covered up any messy edges.
I'm going to tackle the linen cupboard doors next which are already complete so I'll have to take more care with my edges, but this is such a simple project, it's really hard to mess up.

It turns something plain and utilitarian into a real focal point and work of art.
Let me know how you go if you try it.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Doing up a door

Welcome to my new look blog.

I've been through a few different styles in the past and I've had lots of fun selecting a look and colour scheme that suits who I am now.

(If the font is too difficult to read, leave me a comment so I can change it.)

To celebrate opening the door to my new stage in life, I've given the back door a makeover.

It was painted the same green as the surrounding walls and I wanted to make a feature of it.

White always works wonders.

And it needed something pretty to dress it up and laud my love of vintage, so what better than some doilies.

I've also done over my pantry door with a patchwork look, which I love, love, love!

Tune in later for a tutorial on how to achieve the super easy look.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time For A New Beginning

Hi all.

Just a quick note to let you know that I am still here, lurking around the world of blogs, but strictly just lurking lately. 

 No posts, no commenting.

Lazy, maybe?

I blame the former on my phone which, while it takes fantastic photos, is very frustrating when it comes to downloading them. Unless it's absolutely, fully charged when I plug it in to the PC, it decides the only thing it wants to do when connected is feed off the new power source. Flat out refuses to anything else but charge up.
Greedy thing.
So I have to try to download photos at 7:15 in the morning after its had its overnight feast and is nice and contented, patting its full belly.

But you know that's not going to happen.
Download photos...amidst morning showers, breaky on the run, making lunches, prying kids away from the heater because they should be getting dressed. Dreaming!

And the sorry lack of commenting?
My excuse is that I'm hibernating, saving my energy to get through the cold season. 
With everything else going on in my personal life all it seems that I get time for lately is a quick browse here and there when I need a little shot of inspiration or images of beauty to help get me through.
And when there's so many favourite blogs to get through, who has time to comment?

 But rest assured, I do read and look and soak up your pretty pictures and send you my approving thoughts via ESP.

It seems I'm not the only one hibernating. 
Reading through my blog roll I'm going to delete at least ten blogs that haven't seen any action for three months or more.

What my blog needs is a new start, a freshen up.

A new look,
a dedication to more photo downloading so I can start writing posts again.
(So many times I've thought "I'll have to do a post on that but that means enduring a battle between my phone and computer. Sigh!") 

It's time to emerge from the hibernation just in time for Spring
and start creating again.

So bear with me while I 'powder my nose'
and fingers crossed that I actually keep to my promise.

(And as I have to rely for the moment on old pictures, forgive the randomness of the ones included
but what's a post without pictures.)

Get to know me

  • I love the smell of cinnamon and vanilla.
  • My favourite flowers are daisies.
  • My favourite trees are pine trees.
  • I always like to have the bickie jar full and a cake on the cake stand. I know...not that healthy, but so good to look at.
  • Autumn is my favourite month, although I do wish we had more of a change of colours up here in Queensland.
  • I love Anne of Green Gables and Laura Ingalls Wilder. They started my love affair with "old-fashioned" stuff.
  • I'm a boots and jeans kind of girl, but also love vintage skirts and dresses.
  • I like sewing and am in love with quilts at the moment.
  • I love reading. (I have a weakness for archeological thrillers and historical romances, but not Mills and Boon-type ones.)
  • I love old houses with character. No new estate houses for me. (Sorry Rosie.)
  • I love vintage/cottage/farmhouse decorating and pretty pinks and blues, with a splash of red for colour.
  • Polka dots can make me sigh with delight.
  • I have 4 chooks. They are MY pets. Another tick on my dream-come-true chart.
  • I don't eat dessert much any more. I'm not dieting, I just don't want it. (Does that mean I'm growing up if I say no to an icecream cone?)
  • I'll still always say yes to chocolate though!
  • I like to sit on the front stairs in the sun, to drink my morning cup of tea, while I contemplate what to do in the garden.
  • I've got the gardening bug again recently. It comes and goes with the weather. I'm envisioning cottage flowers in pink, blue and white to go with my green picket fence.