Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I know it's Spring when....

I have to cross the oval either wearing a hat or waving my hands above my head to ward off this guy.

The territorial magpie. He lives in the big gum tree by the school fence and dive bombs anyone who comes too close. Apparently this fellow particularly likes blondes, he'll pick a blonde head out of a crowd of many. Twice I've been caught unaware, daydreaming as I've been walking, but the swoop and the rush of wings wakes you up pretty quickly. I know....you're only protecting your young, but look at me, do you really think I'm going to be able to scale the heights of your tree.

And I know it's spring (or if you're unfortunate enough to be a student, you know it's exam time)when the Jacaranda flowers come out. Places that before looked plain and unexciting are now a riot of purple colour.

And I've just noticed that my favourite bird is back. It's called a Storm bird and migrates from Papua New Guinea around this time every year. I don't know what it looks like but you can hear it's mournful cry every so often. My family all know it as "Mum's Camping Bird" because of all the good memories it invokes. In summer every year we go camping at the same place nearby, we have been since I was 9, and the Camping Bird is one of the sounds you hear. It reminds me of family and holidays and green grass to run around on and the billabong to swim in and lazy moments reading and fresh air and freedom. And it makes it more special that it's not around all year. When I hear it for the first time, it's special because I know that the Christmas holidays are near.


  1. We have your magpies over here in NZ, along with a number of other Oz bandits like the possum - both native to you but both real bad pests here. The magpies not only are dangerous around spring but also chase all the other birds out of their area and the possums have done un-told damage to our native bush over the years !!
    We are a land of gentle birds, except may the mountain parrot,( we are the only country in the world to have parrots living in high alpine country) the Kea, which can do damage to stock, but they are on his territory. The only native mammels here before Maori or settlers arrived were a tiny bat and seals !! We do have amazing trees and plants.

  2. Found you through SITS!
    That was a great list of things about you!

  3. I know what bird you're talking about. I've been hearing it around here sometimes in the morning or evening. It's such a beautiful sound and it also reminds me of camping and running wild.

  4. Over from SITS . . . Neat pics!

    Happy Friday Eve!

  5. Found you through SITS, as well. I was confused when you said "I know it's Spring when..." then I realized where you were. Makes sense now. Love the pics and the blog!

  6. Oh.... By the way.... I'm loving the Jason Mraz song!

  7. That bird sounds vicious. I'd wear protective head gear too, to ward off that critter. The purple flowers are beautiful.

    I saw your comment on SITS for roll call right above me, so I thought I'd follow Heather/Tiffany's advice & check out the blog of the SITSta right above me.

  8. Thanks for stopping by!!! I love cinnamon and Daisies are the happiest flower. I love the bird, too. We have some magpies around the northern part of Utah. They bug people but I love them.

  9. At Sydney Uni we had a saying that if you hadn't started studying by the time the Jacaranda tree had started flowering, you were in some serious trouble.
    I have to admit that I have some very evil thoughts about magpies at this time of year. Don't they know I am not interested in their nests and do not care to be divebombed?

  10. That Jacaranda is beautiful!

    Saw your comment on SITS... you are so one of the popular and nice girls. I wonder how many others think it's invite only!!!

    We are thrilled to have you join us!


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