Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My pretties

These are just a few things that I bought in the last week.

Can you actually believe I ummed and aahed over these milkshake cups and walked out of the St Vinnies and hopped in the car, before turning around and buying the blue ones. Yes, just the blue. I took them home and showed Rosie who usually scorns ANYTHING bought secondhand (how gross) but these she liked enough to get past that. I told her I was tempted to buy the pink ones as well so we both went straight back and bought them too. If you leave things too long at op shops, they get snapped up. They were $8 for each set of four which I thought was a little expensive BUT they are practicaly brand new and if I bought them in the kitchen shop here, they would be $8 EACH. We've been having so many milkshakes just because they look so pretty.

But wait, there are only 3 pink cups in the above picture. That's because they are good for this too.

I also bought the little pink tin for 50c for Rosie to keep her hairbands in.

I scored these 3 magazines for 80c each as well, and I've noticed that I've been showing a definate lean towards things pastel and pretty lately.

Now here's something not that pretty but they will be when I put them in my garden and grow vines or sweet peas up them, don't you think. I was considering painting them white but they are pretty badly rusted and I don't know if it would be worth the effort of preparing them.

Bedroom Update: I'm going to paint the last wall with undercoat today then I can finally start painting with colour. Is anyone else as slow as me? I certainly could never be on one of those DIY shows where they complete a room in a weekend.


  1. I love the little pink tin! How cute is that.

    Great milk shake cups too, lucky find indeed.
    I'd leave the decorative metalwork too and just cover it with something that intertwines and looks pretty

  2. What great finds!

    I love the music on your blog. I kept your page open for a long time just to listen. -Julia :-)

  3. I LOVE those milkshake glasses--excellent find!


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  • I love the smell of cinnamon and vanilla.
  • My favourite flowers are daisies.
  • My favourite trees are pine trees.
  • I always like to have the bickie jar full and a cake on the cake stand. I know...not that healthy, but so good to look at.
  • Autumn is my favourite month, although I do wish we had more of a change of colours up here in Queensland.
  • I love Anne of Green Gables and Laura Ingalls Wilder. They started my love affair with "old-fashioned" stuff.
  • I'm a boots and jeans kind of girl, but also love vintage skirts and dresses.
  • I like sewing and am in love with quilts at the moment.
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  • I love vintage/cottage/farmhouse decorating and pretty pinks and blues, with a splash of red for colour.
  • Polka dots can make me sigh with delight.
  • I have 4 chooks. They are MY pets. Another tick on my dream-come-true chart.
  • I don't eat dessert much any more. I'm not dieting, I just don't want it. (Does that mean I'm growing up if I say no to an icecream cone?)
  • I'll still always say yes to chocolate though!
  • I like to sit on the front stairs in the sun, to drink my morning cup of tea, while I contemplate what to do in the garden.
  • I've got the gardening bug again recently. It comes and goes with the weather. I'm envisioning cottage flowers in pink, blue and white to go with my green picket fence.