Thursday, September 15, 2011

Togs, Swimmers, Bathers

Last year I bought myself some vintage one-piece togs off Modcloth.
 I thought the expense was worth having a pair of togs that covered everything yet still made me feel sexy.

They did the job perfectly and I wear them happily.


I miss being able to wear a two-piece.
I'm only a size 10 AUS so you think I'd be fine
but like a lot of mothers out there my stomach is a mass of loose skin and bad stretchmarks that extend to above my bellybutton.

I wouldn't let that loose on the unsuspecting public and I'd feel so self-concious that I know I wouldn't enjoy wearing them.

So imagine my delight when I found out Modcloth does high-waisted bikinis.


For $90.

I could justify the cost for my first set of togs but for another set, just for vanities sake.....uh uh.

So my mind started twinkling.
I wonder, could I make my own?

I've made my own patterns in the past by using other items for reference.
Then as if it was meant to be, I recieved a Lincraft voucher as a thank you for coaching netball.

It was just enough for this gorgeous umbrella

and half a metre of Lycra and four red buttons.
There wasn't much to choose from at Lincraft, just bright purple, blue, pink, yellow and black.
So black it was.

And I did it!
I measured and sewed and adjusted and made these.
The bottoms have a high band and a front skirt with ruching.

I'm so happy.

Here's a photo of them on.

They feel awesome on and not a stretch mark in sight.

So even if I had to pay for the fabric and buttons,
all up it still only would have cost me $20.
You can't get cheap, crappy togs for that amount.

I'm sold!


  1. They look great Esther. I'm tempted to ask for a pair, to cover all my stretch marks too.
    What a talented girl you are.

  2. You are amazing Esther!!!!! I would try most items but baulk at swimmers... they look sooo good!!! Gorgeous! xxx

  3. You are SOOOOOO clever. Well done! And you look cute and sexy. Love you


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