Sunday, September 4, 2011


Have a look at my new sign!
Doesn't it just fit perfectly with the bunting?

I've had these wooden letters for nearly a year and rediscovered them recently whilst sorting through some crap, I mean, really valuable stuff, that I've had sitting in a basket for months.

I painted and papered, sanded and varnished them to replace the sign that you would have seen in the previous post.

The "Oh Holy Night" sign......

......that I forgot to take down last Christmas.

Does anyone else do that?
Pack everything away then realise you've missed something and you're just too darn lazy to do anything about it even though it just means standing on a chair and lifting it off the hook?

Umm, no, not me either.

Anyway, after choosing the perfect paper for the letters I realised that the colour of the 'T' was pale blue. Nearly the very same blue I was using for the walls.
In fact, I colour-matched that paper to half strength for the wall colour.

When I eventually painted the kitchen, all you'd see of the sign would be EA.

Luckily, I had a blank, already painted board that I was going to use for a handpainted sign two years ago.
Yeah, I'm really good at getting around to things.
A sign that was going to say
"Dittmar - established 1998".

Well, obviously due to my newly single state a sign like that would be kinda awkward.
So, with a bit of sadness I must admit, I used it to mount the letters
and I'm really happy with the result.

The kitchen has been the site of a few happy dances lately.
First the pantry door,
then the bunting
and now this.

I love it when things come together.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE words on any wall... great job Esther! the kitchen window/wall is looking awesome... xx


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