Saturday, February 5, 2011

Can you believe I'd never been there before?

To Etsy that is.

I'd heard many a mention of it for ages
but finally went there yesterday to check out Dottie Angel's notebooks.

This morning I got an email with many things to drool over
but the one that caught my eye was this.


I've loved pendants ever since I found this in an op shop last year....

one of my favourite bits of jewellery.

And I've always loved images of old ships in rolling waves,
maybe it's a hangover from childhood days of reading
Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

The pendants were sold out.
So I explored further and found



and this.....

and these.

  all thependantemporium
Be still my beating heart.
But which one to choose.
Which one would you choose?

I got a wild idea...
did a bit more exploring
and purchased a set of 10 blank pendants.

So now I can make my own
and I've collected many vintage childrens books with the intention of one day making cards from the images.
I think some of them would be perfect for this project.

I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. No I cant believe that you have never been to etsy!!!!! Isn't it amazing :)))

    I would choose the last one (very art noveau).... but the rolling waves of the ship is very attractive also.... sigh... Speaking of Voyage of the Dawn Treader - I would make a pendant with Aslan on it I reakon :)))

    Love ur posts :)))

  2. Esther you should include words like "pendant" in your post labels... it means more "like-minded" people can find you if they search... xx

  3. There are some beautiful things on Etsy. I like the rabbit or bird with cage pendant the best X

  4. i love the alice in wonder land one! i cant wait to see what you make! love your blog, fliss xxx


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