Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When do you go?

I picked my daughter up from school early yesterday. She'd vomitted. Okay, that's no biggy. I can handle that. Just give her lots of attention and rest and water and let her watch TV, which is usually banned on school afternoons.

But this morning I got woken at 2:30am to her upset and clutching her stomach. She's in pain, she's crying and the hot water bottle isn't cutting it. A little questioning and I discover it's a sharp pain, below and to the right of her belly button. Uh -oh. From memory, isn't that where it hurts when you have appendicitis?

This is where the dilemma comes in. Does anyone else hate making these decisions? I HATE making a fuss. And I know gastro can give you tummy pains. What if I go to the hospital and it turns out to be wind? Will they think I'm an idiot?
I took her.

I had to carry her from the car park, she seemed all lanky arms and legs, because it hurt too much to walk. The doctor prodded and poked. He seemed to understand my concerns because of the location. Took a urine sample, gave her some pain killer, left her curled up on an emergency bed and waited to see if the pain eased. An hour later she was giggling at our attempts to draw portraits on the magnadoodle from the toy corner.

It turned out to be gastro.

I just have to monitor her and if the BAD pain comes back, go back to the hospital for blood tests.

So I'm home for the day and Ella's laid out on the couch, eating honey toast and watching "Robin Hood".

And I'm glad I went, even if it was a false alarm.
Looking like a fool is nothing when it comes to my daughter's wellbeing.


  1. I agree with you 100%. I would rather take them and it turns out to be minor rather than risk not taking them and it could turn out to be a major ailment. It's not worth the chance. And I believe any good health care professional would agree 100%. ~Alana~

  2. I ended up in hospital for gastro problems - my GP sent me to emergency- so can understand your concern. There is no way of telling what stomach pains are and you did the right thing.
    I ended up having four months of invasive tests for my problem and still haven't come up with a 'real' diagnosis.
    Hope your daughter is better soon and these pains don't reoccur.

  3. Gorgeous photos of Ella, and good to read about your plight. Yes you do anything for your kids. Glad it didn't mean appendix. Hope Ella gets better soon.


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