Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Thrill of the Chase

What a week! I went on Rosie's Year 5 camp this week which was so much fun, but we both came back exhausted. I'll write more on that another time with photos but for now I want to show you my garage sale goodies that I got yesterday. For after reading so many blogs on doing up "yard sale" finds, the bug has bitten me again. I know Mary would probably remember when I lived back in Brisbane, me going out nearly every week on my Saturday treasure hunts. She joined me for a few. Well I've started again, much to Mitch's horror. "We've got enough #*! already and can't keep clean what we do have." It's been one of those weeks where the house is an absolute pigsty and you fervently hope that the cops won't have any reason to come to your house because if they did, they would rescue the kids and photos of your lounge room would be plastered all over the newspapers. Well that's in my 3 o'clock in the morning nightmare. I'm blaming it on the fact I was away at camp, and before it, I was too busy getting ready, and afterwards I was to tired to do anything, and Mitch had the flu. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Anyway here's my treasures.

I bought this sunlounge for $10 after a bit of umming and ahhing ($10 is a bit of a commitment for me and I could just see what Mitch would say - after all, big things are a bit harder to hide) but I love lying outside and reading on the weekends and our old hammock gave up the ghost last summer. And it's metal, not plastic...priceless.

The fabric isn't too bad, but it is fabric and I have no intention of dragging it under cover every day, so I also bought some cheap vinyl tableclothes with which to cover it. I'll show you that when it's done.

I also bought this pink and white pine table for $10 (I know, another big purchase) which I have put outside in my laundry area to fold my washing up on. Maybe it could also double up as an eating table in summer for when it's too hot to eat inside. I don't know about that yet. On it you can see some dirty wicker baskets which I bought for 50 c each. They have only one handle and these I intend to spray paint white, tie a big ribbon onto the handle (blue and white spots maybe) and hang up on hooks in the girls' room (when I finish painting it) to put their teddies in.

Here's a close up of a pink transferware plate that I bought for $1 to add to my collection. One day I just want to have a crockery collection of plates and bowls that I love, no 16 piece matching dish sets for me. I particularly like transferware but only if they have "European" pictures on them. I don't like the Japanese style. I currently have them in blue and pink and one in brown, which I like because it reminds me of Oma's and Opa's plates. And if they have scalloped edges, that's even better.

This is some fabric I got for $2 this morning at the markets (along with a big punnet of juicy strawberries for $5 and some of Sally's slippers for me.)

I was going to make some cushions for my couch out of it but now I'm thinking I might make a wrap-around skirt like this (have a look at the second post)out of it. Maybe there would be enough for both, if I don't mind matching my couches.

And last of all, these footrests for $1 each. I bought them more for the girls to sit on, then for your feet and they are just the right height for sitting at the coffee table to play board games. I'll probably cover them sometime, but I don't know how yet and they are in perfect condition, so it's not a rush.

I also asked the guy at the garage sale if I could have a cutting from his gorgeous white geranium and he gave me the whole pot plant. It was his late mother's and he said she would be pleased it was going to someone who'd appreciate it and look after it. (So now I can't kill this one.) So overall, a very successful weekend and that's part of what I like about "saling" never know what you're gonna get. And yes Mitch, we will use those things and it will be all worth it. And no Ella, you can not bounce on the footrests on the trampoline....and stop having races on them with Rosie. I promise, it will be worth it.


  1. I'm so impressed with your bargain finds!! I was so excited this weekend to finally have time and small amount of pocket money to get up and check out some garage sales - something I love and haven't done for a long time due to busy life and not much spare change. So up we got on Saturday morning, bought the paper, chose a direction and off we went! The first place was promising, but lots of junk (no really - not even 'fun to fix' but junk) and then I discovered the box full of back issues of recipe magazines (my closet addiction). I was so restrained - I chose 6 but was nervous because there was no price on them. When I took them to the ladies running the sale, one of them said "20 cents each". I laughed, gave her $5 and grabbed another 6!!
    Unfortunately we didn't get much from the rest of our rounds. I am so impressed with your finds!! Perhaps next time we should head up your way :-)
    Anyways - love your blog! For a country girl you really know your way around a great little web site. You make my heart long for the quiet and calm. If we ever own our own home (hah!!) I will be looking your way for advice and inpiration. Thanks for the little window in your life.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoy when new people come over because then I get to go visit them.

    I love your blog!! I love the way you talk in your writting. While we speak the same language we say things a bit differently at times so it's fun to hear how you say things.

    You found some fun and wonderful things and I think you will use everyone one and get your moneys worth out of them.

    I'm off to read more of your blog.


  3. Oh my gosh, I was laughing out loud at your comments about the house looking a mess and you hoped the police didn't come because they'd take the kids and plaster photos of the house in the paper - I know that feeling all too well! ha ha... Wow, you got some great finds!!! And it sounds like your hubby gets as 'excited' as mine when things are dragged home! But how could you pass any of those by! My favorite - the lounge chair!! Happy relaxing!...Donna


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