Saturday, August 2, 2008

A day on the Valley Rattler

My brother, Luke, and his family were staying nearby on holiday, and came up to spent the morning. They were going on the Valley Rattler, an old steam engine that does half-day trips, so I invited myself and the girls along. I've been meaning to go on it ever since we moved here but never seemed to get that chance.

We went out to Amamoor and back.....

where we watched them turn the engine.

We explored up and down the carriages...

watched the world go by...

stood on the rattly back platforms with the wind in our faces (and occasionally soot in our eyes)....

and waved at people going by.

Like Emma said, "I could spend the whole day just sitting on here and looking at the scenery." We are lucky to live in such a beautiful area with countryside so near. Just drive for 5 minutes and you're out of town and in the rolling hills. It was a bit dry being winter but still gorgeous. And it's funny, but the girls still get excited seeing cows and horses out the window.


  1. aw wow! That would have been such a great day, I've always wanted to go on the train.
    You really make me miss the country and just being out there again, it's been much too long.

    We have the Thorley boys staying with us this weekend as Joe and Sarah have gone away for their anniversary. It's been quite good actually. I guess because they are older I can relate to them a little bit easier, especially Josh.

    Anyway, as you can probably see, I have a blog too, although it is rather neglected so I haven't put anything on there is ages. But, I am thoroughly looking forward to reading about what you're getting up to.

    Much love,
    your little sister.

  2. This is great! I have enjoyed reading everything and listening to your music... Though I would love to see some photos of your home and garden.
    Are you guys going camping after Christmas as we are thinking of finally joining every one again.
    Love you Esther.
    From Sarah


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