Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thank God she's okay!

Imagine this.

I'm in the kitchen. Mitch and I hear a scraping noise from outside and think "What on earth is that?"

Then we hear a scream. We bolt to the windows to see.....

our car rolling backwards down our driveway with Ella, terrified, inside.

We dash outside to see Ella dive from the car and to watch helplessly as our car just cruises out of our yard, across the road, through the park, perfectly between these two trees

 and come to rest with an almighty bang in the shallow creek.

She was in the car getting a CD. We don't know how it happened because afterwards when we checked, the gear was in park and the hand brake was on.

The front door was open and scraped along our other car and hit our open gate. The front of the car was ruined, the back of the car was ruined, there was a huge bulge underneath where the exhaust was dragged along and stuck.

But it could have been so much worse.

It was Sunday and the traffic was light so no one else was involved.

When Ella jumped she also had to avoid the open door rolling towards her. She could have gotten crushed between the two cars, she could have been crushed on the fence. She could have stayed in the car longer and jumped out on the road. She could have stayed in the car, and injured herself in the impact of falling in the creek. She could have fallen UNDER the car while trying to get out.

All she got was a small cut on the finger and one HELL of a fright. The poor thing was firstly terrified because she thought she was going to get into trouble. Then she wouldn't stop shaking from the shock.

It's just a car and insurance is taking care of it, but even if we had no insurance...it's just a car. Replaceable!

We could NEVER replace our daughter. Someone was certainly looking after her that day.

P.S. If you see someone waiting with their car ready to be towed, by all means stop if you genuinely want to help (we had lots of angels all eager to help and concerned for my daughters safety) but do NOT just slow down and stare. We are not putting on a show.
Do not come over with your saggy pants and missing front teeth and go "Oh wow, look at that. Cool! What did ya do?"
And do not drive past cheering and yelling. How do you know that someone wasn't badly hurt and the person with the car isn't traumatised? Show a bit of respect.

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  1. Wow - scary!! I'm glad she's okay. Sometimes I think cars, computers - all those things have minds of their own and like to just "show us who is boss"! You are right - it's just a THING!!


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