Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I don't wanna grow up.

Ella asked me today if I was an adult or a grown-up. Not quite understanding the difference, I replied, "Both."
"So you've grown up and don't like to play games or have fun anymore? Because you said when I've grown up I won't be interested in those things as much." she replied.

It was a real Peter Pan moment. I can't believe I ever said that to her. Shame on me.

"Sorry, Ella, I didn't understand you. I'm an adult but definately NOT a grown-up."

But I have to admit, growing up has been creeping up on me and I've been in danger of turning into one of these.
Full-time work, coaching the girls' netball team, assistant treasurering (is that a word?) for the gymnastics club and housework doesn't leave much time for sponteneity, fun and games...IF YOU LET IT. It's always good to get a reminder now and then to ease up. My crippling migraine that sent me to bed last night at 6pm was one of them. I'd been promising myself an early night for ages but never took it until my body rebelled.

The conversation made me think of this gorgeous box that my sister Mary made for me for my bridal shower years ago which I keep all my "special things" in. It's decorated with a collage of "Esther" things and pictures.
On it is a scrap of note paper on which is written in my teenage handwriting, "I, Esther Plant, solemly vow to never grow up. 30/3/92" When I was a teenager, I was ennamoured by the movie Hook and the message behind it. I hope that I can keep remembering it and stay in touch with my child-like self.

As an inspiration to help me keep going, Kimba had a great post on her blog today. Check it out here.


  1. oooh! I've been thinking recently how 'adult' I have become: starting uni, having a job, having a guy, being able to find my own way around etc. but oh! I don't want to grow up!!

    being spontaneous and fun is all the craze.

    I like the box Mary made for you!

  2. I think I've gone beyond grown up and become a grinch :( Good for you staying young at heart!

    Mel xxx

  3. Hi hun....shocking behavior....how annoying to be accused when they are the wrong doers.....something badly wrong these days....
    Glad you hub was safe, as you say you never know what they are carrying....awful!xxx

  4. OMG Esther - I so forgot about that box I decorated for your bridal shower... I felt abit emotional when I read your post with it in... I remember putting that piece of paper with your "never grow up " promise onto the box... I was just thinking the other day about you and your dreams... and now your life in the country - and how you work full time... and have chickens... and short hair... and your home you've created etc... Random things..... How you have "blended" into who you are now.... hmmmm musings about life really.... well I am mid-30s - thats the typical age to think about who we are/who we have turned out as etc... ???? maybe???

    Anyway loved your post... a thrill to see the "box"... Love you Esther!

    Mary XO

  5. I think as long as we still laugh and dream we will never lose that little kid inside of us.

    While I have grown older and my body will remind me that all the time my thoughts are still as they were when I was young.

    Laughing is the best way to stay in love with life.



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