Monday, March 9, 2009

A bathroom re-do

It's a deliciously drizzly day today with a surprising touch of autumn in it. I say surprising because autumn doesn't usually start until about May, we have about a month or two of coldness and then it skips straight to heat again. I'd love to live in a place where there was a real change of seasons. Netball was cancelled today because of the rain, and it was such a cozy afternoon that I let the girls park themselves in front of the TV with a big bowl of popcorn and a quilt or two....a rare treat because usually TV is banned on school afternoons.

And our internet is finally working properly again (it kept dropping out after about 5 minutes or less - very frustrating) so I am parked in front of the computer (obviously) with a mug of tea and some chocolate. A chill breeze is coming in through the window next to me and I can hear the trees rustling and a soggy magpie chirping on the telephone line outside. Heaven!

I was in a bad mood on the weekend, in one of my "the housework is never-ending and as soon as I clean up one room, people just mess it up again, and don't you dare just place that dirty mug on the sink, you wash it up right now" mood. The ladies at work asked me if I was pregnant because I've been going on a cleaning and organised rampage the last few weeks. Sadly, I'm not pregnant...just frustrated by chaos I think.

Anyway, I did a little redecorating of our poky,dingy hole...I mean, bathroom, on the weekend. I look at some people's posts about how they complain about their bathrooms and how it desperately needs a paint job and I think "Lady, there ain't nothing wrong with your bathroom. Come and check out mine". It is literally tiny, 2m by 2m, no, in fact not even that big as the linen cupboard juts into it. It has peeling beige paint, plastic sheeting on the walls, horrible brown lino on half of the floor and brown tiles around the toilet. I don't have many before photos to show you the true extent of it's horribleness but here's two.

I would LOVE to have a bath but it's just not possible as this 4 square metres houses shower, basin AND toilet. But it does the job, so I'm thankful for that.

It needs a total overhaul but that's way down the track so I thought in the meantime, I'd make it a bit more bearable and workable. We had already replaced the toilet and on the last day of the christmas holidays, Mitch replaced our old cabinet which was a stunning combination of rotting chipboard and a yellow fake marble top. When we took it out, we just looked at it amazed that we had put up with it for so long. We were just going to replace the taps but they had this cabinet on sale so we decided to get it. One nightmare and expensive plumbers bill later, it was in and it made a huge difference already. It had a lovely big china basin and a good cupboard

so the next thing I was able to do was take down the cabinet on the lefthand wall which jutted out in front of you as you walked into the bathroom.
On the weekend, I put up a shelf above the mirror (which I'd like to replace) to hold some pretty jars with soap and cotton buds etc.and some plates and this Royal Albert tin ($1 from Vinnies) which holds my makeup. I'm going for a white and red scheme and it really brightened up the bathroom. No, that's not a ghost in the corner of the photo, just a dirty camera lens. I'm such a professional.

Next I made a hook rail for our towels from this old scalloped piece of wood which I had removed from an old dressing table.

Before this, we only had one towel rail and the other towels hung on hooks behind the door, so they didn't dry very well, also due to our teeny, tiny window.
Next, I made a hook for a hand towel for guests because I don't know about you but I always feel really rude drying my hands on other people's bath towels. I am going to make some prettier handtowels, maybe with red gingham ribbon or something. (I need to paint that screw.)

I think it's all made a huge difference and the ugliness of the bathroom isn't as noticable anymore. (This photo's not that good, everything doesn't usually have that pink glow.)

Everytime I come into the bathroom now, it makes me smile. I think if we replaced the brown shower cubicle and gave the room a paint and maybe put in a larger window, I wouldn't feel like I have to build a whole new bathroom. It's amazing what a few strategic changes can make.

On another note, don't you love this vintage chenille throw that I bought from Vinnies for $4.

On another note again, remember Matt Caltabiano, the bad sport who Mitch fought in Caloundra last year. He died in a motorbike accident last weekend. I feel a bit bad for trashing him now...but it was kinda true.


  1. You've done a brilliant makeover. i really like the cupboard under your sink and the shelf over the mirror. My bathroom is that small ther is no room for a cupboard under the sink and is so small the toilet has to be in another room.

    Love your flowery tins and how you have brightened up the floor with a red rug

  2. Hi Esther

    That's made such a big difference! I love the shelf with all the pretties on. And the towel hooks look really good. We had our bathroom completely redone last year and I have never regretted it (though could only afford it cos my Dad died... I would swap back in a heartbeat).

    Mel xxx

    PS it is so weird to hear about it being summer there! I am so used to our seasons!

    I totally get the never ending cleaning thing. All day I have tried really hard to keep things nice but little people have a way of keeping them messy!


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