Sunday, September 14, 2008

Marhaba. Ana Ismi Ella.

This means "Good day. My name is Ella" in Arabic and it's how Ella greeted people on Thursday.

To tie in with the Olympic Games this term, Ella's class have been studying different countries, each focusing on a different one. Ella chose Egypt (well, she is a wannabe archeologist after all). To finish off, her class held a World Expo in the hall on Thursday, where they each had to do a display of their country and they had to present it to prospective tourists (Mums, Dads and other students).

Ella was really excited about this and raced home to draw pictures and plans of what to make, and lists of what she'd need. They actually had to do the project in pairs, but the other boy she was partnered up with left the school the week before. This meant that she had to do all the work by herself, but she was pleased because now she could do it all her way. She wanted to make little cork people and a cork mummy to go with her pyramids and wanted to make a 3D map which the other boy didn't want to do, and his family have a bit of a history of being a bit bossy and taking over. So my afternoons were spent helping her wrap corks up in material and cutting out cardboard and finding pictures on the internet.

****And I just want to point out that I am not one of those Mums that do everything for their child. It was all of Ella's ideas and research but she just needed help with the logistics of it all. It really annoys me to see an absolutely beautiful project supposedly done by the child and knowing that there's no way they could have done it themselves.****

So here's a photo of Ella in her Egyptian get-up. She really knew her information well and was quite confident in telling people about it. (She wanted to go as a man because "the women have to wear all those veils and things that cover up their faces. How annoying!"

The parents were asked to bring along a dish for their childs display. Ella chose Sweet Couscous Dessert (couscous cooked in fruit juice and rosewater essence, with almond meal and cinnamon) and Baked Sambusak (pastry filled with mince cooked with onion, pinenuts, nutmeg and mixed spice).

Another shot of Ella's desert scene.

Needless to say, Ella's display and knowledge got lots of positive comments, (and so did my cooking). I'm very proud of her enthusiasm, creative ideas and focus. Well done, Ella.

And on another topic, I just thought that I would share an easy but effective project to make for a present for a dad or grandpa. The girls made these ones for their Opa Nick (their great-grandfather) for Father's Day recently. They also made some for Mitch and for their Opa.

Just draw on some handkerchiefs with fabric crayons, then iron them. Easy to send in the mail, they will always get used and are a reminder of how loved they are. Mitch loves his.

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  1. Holy Sphinx! Ella did a fabulous job! I, too, would have been just happy as a clam if my partner had backed out. I never liked working in groups--I guess it is a character flaw!

    Thank you for your comment today on my blog. Isn't it funny how we shy ones become attention hogs online? I'm sure there will be whole classes devoted to the psychology of mommy blogs in universities someday--if not already!


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