Friday, September 4, 2009


I know that I promised I was going to post a giveaway on Sunday BUT our computer has been in the shop all week getting fixed. Some nasty virus wormed its way in and we only got our computer back today. Good news = it didn't cost to much.

Bad news = The damage was so bad that the computer guy couldn't save any of our documents. (Not for want of trying...that's why it took so long.)

So that means all my wonderful planning, budget, grocery list etc etc....gone.

Mitch's novel that he was in the process of editing...GONE. (He fortunately has a hard copy BUT that means typing it up all over again.)

All of our photos from the last five years....GONE.

That's why I'm devastated.

Photos of the girls' when they were younger, their birthdays, their Christmases, our holiday trips, our pets including Willy who died 3 years ago, our old house, our new house when we first moved in, photos with my Opa who died not long ago...

Gone, Gone, Gone.

I feel like I could cry. If any family has any photos of the last five years you could email me, I will be your best friend and love you forever.

Edited : I found a disk that I had backed up our photos onto early in 2006, so I have gotten a few of them back from our first year in Gympie. Thank God I was smart enough to do that. Now if only I had done that every month. Promise me now that when you hop off the computer, you will get a blank disc and copy your photos onto it. You never know when that virus or other bit of unfortunate trouble might pop up.
I wish I had the other 4 years back, but beggars can't be choosers and at least I got back this photo of Ella's first missing tooth.


  1. What a shame Esther - all those memories. I know I've got copies of the photos with Opa I can email you. It makes me want to copy all the photos to a disc.
    Might see you soon,

  2. Oh Esther... that IS SO Devastating!!!!!! I promise to begin collating any photos I can find of yours on my computer... I do have lots of the girls together when you've visited but obviously not any from your house... So terrible terrible terrible to loose photos of memories - I know I rely on mine to help me remember.. I've always thort if my house burnt down etc. I think my photos are what I'd miss most.... So I know this email isn't comfort but know I am totally sympathising with you and will look for what photos I can...

    Sincerely feeling for you!

    Love Mary

  3. Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that. How awful. I do hope that other family & friends are able to share copies with you...sounds like the other commenters are happy to help!


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