Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Soft furnishings on a budget

I wanted a bunch of blue, pastelly cushions for my lounges without too much effort or cost, and I just happened to hit the paydirt at St Vinnies. No, not cushions, but pillowcases for 50c each. That takes care of the cost and as they're already sewn with just a bit of tweaking to do, that takes care of the effort as well.

Of course they're a bit long and the tinsiest bit wide so I just cut them down to size along two sides, sewed them up again and whoila. Total time...about 10 mins per cushion.

I love the embroidery detail on these ones. I just kept the part of the pillowcase that had the folding opening and cut off the top.

I thought this floral pattern was very cottagey and I added some blue ribbon to hold them closed.

These ones were made using offcuts from the other blue pillowcases (the ones with the embroidery) and some leftover material and and lace that I had.

I also made some with a back opening from a tablecloth with a blue sprig pattern that I picked up for $2. It made some cushions for this lounge...

one for this chair...

and a chair pad for my rocking chair.

I needed to change the curtains to match so I bought a white single sheet for $2 which I cut up and added some lace and ribbon for some cottage prettiness. (Just don't look at how dirty the walls are. The crisp whiteness of the material really brings out the grime.)

And here's my oven mitt that I made out of the cot sheet that I found earlier from St Vinnies. I actually made two, and also a pot holder which I haven't quite finished.

Total cost excluding the ribbon, lace and cushion inserts which I already had.....$6.50. Not bad.


  1. Esther you are a wiz! I WISH I could see the potential in all the simple ordinary things and make something beautiful and useful. Well done.
    love you

  2. You did a wonderful job with your finds! I love things like that.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog & helping to make my SITS day special!

  3. I just love the cushions that you made! So very pretty!

    ps Thanks so much for stopping by and saying "hi" today. Always nice to meet a SITSta :)


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